It is quite probable that closet smoker Barack Hussein Obama will be the next president of the United States. Here is an intelligent proposal by Clearing the Air (CTA) on how to start the redistribution of wealth that Obama has promised.

The fact that Obama is a smoker does not have to comfort any smoker’s heart. If he were a real smoker, he would not hide into closets to smoke; he would behave like Dwight Eisenhower, who smoked in public meetings without giving it a second thought.

Clinton was also a smoker – and he allowed the fastest, greatest metastasis of the antismoking cancer the US ever knew. Those Californian smokers who cheered cigar loving Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor had to deal with (and be victims of) abject endorsements of the epidemiological frauds on smoking — with laws to match. Being a smoker does not mean, or imply, being appreciative of the principles of liberty and scientific truth that enabled smokers to smoke for centuries. Unfortunately, nowadays being a smoker means, most of the times, being a brainwashed, sheepish and obedient coward who hides in dark corners to light up, and who often justifies his choice with the "addiction" that Big Tobacco "inflicted" on him.

For the victims of public health, dignity is a thing of the past.

There is no reason to believe that Obama will behave any differenty. Rather, there are reasons to believe that he will cater to even more antismoking hatred, lies and scientific frauds than his Democratic and Republican predecessors did.

Just look at this squalid video on the pitiful catering to junk science and public health fascism by ALL Democratic candidates recorded one year ago – and, of course, pay attention to what Obama has to say. Look at the way they all behave. It should be sufficient to give you an indea of the pit of ignorance and darkness of our political body: catering to fraud, hysteria and superstition to get elected!

As we are trans-partisan, FORCES is not endorsing either McCain, or Obama. The issue here is not one of left and right, but one of freedom, truth and integrity. When it comes to smoking and lifestyle in general, both candidates have amptly displayed their contempt against the personal right of doing with one’s private and public life what one sees fit. The victims of public health – whether they are drinkers, smokers, fat people or, worse yet, a combination of the three – are certainly not represented by the two candidates, nor do the two candidates seem to stand for those values that would allow those persecuted people to be – and to remain – what they have chosen to be. It follows that, when it comes to the issues FORCES is dealing with — our only recommendation for the upcoming US election day is to stay home, smoke, drink and eat munchies, for it would be a waste of valuable time to vote for one or the other.

Some may argue here that there are “more important” things than smoking, eating or drinking. Certainly so – but the mental Fascist matrix that is applied when endorsing behaviour conditioning of the citizen’s personal life choices cannot stay limited to those choices, and it will be applied to each and all fields of action. As it is often said, the devil is in the details.

Again, neither candidate represents the millions of victims of public health, but both sides with the persecutor — and thus with the mindset that the persecutor represents. Thus the fight will continue under either the Democrat or Republican banner, as the march towards a Fascist state will continue. Those who are persecuted by the public health fascists are the largest unrepresented majority in the world, and we will keep speaking for them. Please help us to continue to do so.

Be that as it may, the proposal of CTA makes much sense. Let’s start redistributing the wealth by taking it from Big Pharma – thus putting to the test Obama’s resounding words!

Although we sincerely hope we are wrong, we predict that it’s not going to happen. So far “redistribution” has been taking from the smokers and other public health victims to give to the multinationals. It is quite likely that Obama’s “redistribution” will be taking from smokers and other public health victims to give to the state.

Either way, we are going to be robbed. That’s the destiny of the second-class citizen serf – until the serfs decide that they have had enough, and re-conquer their freedom with whatever force is necessary.



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