Eamonn Mallon is a singer/composer well known amongst those who fight the prohibition/antismoking fraud. His song “Jackboot” has been for a long time the official song of FORCES International.

An electric version of “Jackboot” has been recently released and it is available in electronic stores. As it can be expected, the politically correct lacheys of public health — in this case, radio stations and other media — are completely ignoring the beautiful song because it expresses contempt for the mentality and the frauds behind antitobacco, stemming directly from the Nazi health state — hence the title of the song.

As it is in all totalitarian regimes, the young and the old must be "protected" from dissident opinions, and lead to believe that "smoking is bad" and, especially, that "those who smoke are bad" to promote hatred and serve corrupt authorities that knowingly lie to the population.

That is why it is important to buy this song and support people like Mallon who speak for us. That is to be done not just with pats in the back, but with tangible acts. Click here to buy the song, it is only 99 US cents. Is giving a voice to your rights and liberty worth that much?…

What has induced Eamonn to write this beautiful song? Probably what has induced all of us to fight this fight: memory of freedom, appreciation of the blood that was spilled to conquer it, and the contempt for its waste in the name of health and safety – what’s worse, in the name of junk science created by cheat and pushed by corrupt state authorities and a fascist medical class.

All that – and more – is explained by Eamonn in this Round Table with Gian Turci. Light a smoke, relax, and listen to this nice chat.

And, at the end of it, don’t forget to buy Jackboot in the electric version!



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