We believe that there is no one who is fighting the fight against tobacco control and state-endorsed epidemiologic frauds who does not know Phil Williams, AKA Hairy Chestnuts, AKA the Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League.

Phil Williams in the uniform of one of his main characters, the Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League

He is everywhere, on You Tube (click here or here) as well as in our FORCES Multimedia section. He is extremely prolific in his productions. Even the antismoking neo-Nazis talk about him in their papers. We can say that Phil is becoming a celebrity without fear of exaggeration.

How does he do it? Many believe that he took movie production courses; others that he is a professional actor; others yet that he has excellent recording/production equipment and several people to help him out.

None of that is true, and in the Round Table interview Phil explains all that. The only thing that Phil really has is what he does not talk about: talent, and he can make his productions with incredibly limited means.

We hope that you will enjoy this talk with Phil. While he makes us laugh and keeps us entertained, he also gives us a serious message — and a warning: Tobacco Control is driven by Nazi ideology, as we have demonstrated in our recent paper.

Fight and destroy Tobacco Control while you can – or the Nazis that Phil acts out today will be those who smash the door of your home tomorrow, looking for cigarettes, alcohol and the “wrong food” in your fridge — and that will be absolutely, positively no laughing matter.



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