Everything you see in this propaganda video against smoking is a lie. The reason? It’s a standard antismoking video — but it brings us one bit of truth along the way, and very good news, at that.

The expansion of smoking amongst college teens is portrayed with suggestive images of cigarette smoking as if cigarettes were some sinister, forbidden drug à la crack cocaine.

The implication, of course, is that smoking “kills” so it is “evil” and so we have an “epidemic." But the only epidemic is, of course, that of antitobacco, its rotten values and its perverted principles – most famously represented by scare-mongering propaganda based on fraudulent and frequently bizarre statistical interpretations.

There is only one thing that is true in this video, and it is that the number of college smokers (the society of tomorrow) is going up. That news alone compensates for the revulsion that you may feel for the incredible sequence of lies you will hear. We close with the words of a reader who teaches in colleges:

‘As a college professor I can vouch for high smoking rates. I think much of it is related to "Rebellion Effect." Anti-smoking fanaticism just makes smoking "Cool" again. The same thing happened with alcohol during Prohibition. It became the cool thing to do to go down to the local speakeasies and drink alcohol. Also, I think students probably just don’t believe much of the hype about the dangers of smoking either. They are more intelligent than that.

‘Think about it, ridiculous statements like "smoking is as addictive as heroin or cocaine" really make no sense, and many of our students realize that. Now, if some of these folks will join the resistance against bans….’

Give them time, professor – and keep on telling them the truth on tobacco smoking. They need the time to mature and position themselves in the chairs of power. But we have to keep educating them on the Great Fraud, so that they will punish the liars and the cheats who are in control of “public health” today – and, most importantly, uproot their inverted principles which so corrupt our society today.



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