In spite of the economic disaster of pubs in the United Kingdom, ASH and the rest of the Tobacco Control trash continue to say that the smoking ban is a success and that the ban is good for business.

Taken as a given that everything antitobacco says is a lie, it is not even the case of getting mad anymore – but there is some sport in exposing their frauds as they come along.

The latest twist of ASH UK is that “the number of pubs had risen by nine in 2007, the first full year after the 2006 smoking ban”, which is meant to deceive you into the belief that the publicans are whining for nothing, and that their collapse has nothing to do with the smoking ban, which in turn is a real panacea because of all those poor nonsmokers who now are flooding the pubs. Have you ever noticed the line-ups at the doors of the smokeless pubs, waiting to get in?… Perhaps in the same way that Italians and French are noticing the hordes of obese people rolling down their streets since “public health” says that there is an “obesity epidemic”: they simply are not there. But reality does not matter; ideology is what does.

In this piece Pete Robinson unveils and makes fun of the latest deception of ASH UK. He also explains where the money comes from:

“Although ASH purports to be a ‘charity’ it’s principle source of funding comes from the Tobacco Advisory Group (TAG) – a tiny, somewhat obscure organisation who’s principal role is to dole out cash to proactive anti-smoking parties. But who funds TAG? You may (or perhaps not) be surprised to learn that TAG is a subsidiary of Cancer Research UK. Around the time New Labour came to power CRUK started to be regularly injected with State cash in return for favours rendered. For example, in 2003 the Dept of Health handed CRUK.”

Pete’s acronym is right on the money. Ignorant of the aetiology of cancer and without being able to prove scientifically one single death from active or passive smoking, the acronym for Cancer Research UK is a perfect fit. But ASH and CRUK know perfectly that they are crooks – and they don’t care, as shame and moral sense are not written in their books. To eliminate them and Tobacco Control, what is needed is to cut their money life line. Time to put pressure on politicians to stop wasting public money to promote fraud and oppression.



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