“The futile war on smoking” by John Robson, published by the Ottawa Citizen highlights very well the reasons why smoking is no longer declining. People want to smoke, and they consider the real benefits of smoking to be greater than the never demonstrated dangers.

It is THAT simple – and that, of course, makes public health zealots livid, as they are unable to perform their self-appointed function of controlling the minds and the choices of people. So now those mentally deranged individuals blame contraband, as they are unable and unwilling to accept that popular will does not square with their social programmes.

If contraband were eliminated tomorrow, people would grow tobacco in their backyard – because people want to smoke. Robson’s conclusions find our full agreement — except for the very first phrase, that is.

“Smoking may be dumb. But a policy that corrupts citizens and police, and that menaces public safety, needs very strong positive effects to pass the test of common sense. Does further discouragement of smoking, at this point, seem to you to qualify?

The rush of bossing people about, the tingly puritanical pleasure of snatching peoples’ glowing cigarettes from their very lips and stamping them out in front of their faces is a short-term pleasure that comes at too high a long-term cost. Time to give it up.”

Smoking is not dumb, but persevering through frauds against popular will certainly is. Time to eliminate Tobacco Control. That can be done very simply: cut the public funding of the parasites.

Time to leave people alone. Time to go back to "normality" and it is normal for people to smoke; they always have, they always will.



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