The anti-pot grant junkies have been working overtime of late. On the heels of a study claiming smoking dope is 10 times more dangerous than smoking tobacco comes another alleging liver damage.
Leaving aside the validity of the study the most interesting factor common to the patients who were screened for liver fibrosis was that over half of them were prescribed marijuana by doctors. Readers from California, where the study was conducted, will remember the voter initiative to legalize medical marijuana. The pro-marijuana advocates, who ultimately prevailed, were soothing in their assurances that marijuana isn’t harmful to the health, unlike evil tobacco. That message of benignity has been skilfully deployed for years by the pro-pot crowd who have simultaneously been firmly on board the gravy train that preaches tobacco is more harmful than plutonium encased in an asbestos wafer.

While this study is of immediate interest only to those with chronic hepatitis C, especially those with HIV, it adds more concrete to the foundation of a movement to go after the marijuana smokers. If marijuana smoke harms the livers of this small segment of the population, then junk science, as is its custom, can easily extrapolate weak associations connected to an activity among a small group into a scary prognostication that applies to the entire population of pot smokers. As we have said before, smoke is smoke, pleasure is pleasure. The killjoys currently in charge will not rest until both are destroyed.



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