Last January I wrote an article (Do not smoke the 15th cigarette) about a study relative to the discovery of a gene for lung cancer in smokers. Of that study I criticized the fact that the research was done on a metastatic lung cancer of a single patient of whom it was not known whether or not he was a smoker (!!!). In that article I underlined the fact that you don’t need to be a smoker to get a lung cancer. As evidence of this, aside from the fact that it is enough to look into the medical literature on the subject, today I would like to quote another recent study (Mayo Clinic, 21.03.2010) on lung cancer in non-smokers. The study is reported under the title "Gene is linked to lung cancer development in never-smokers"
The gene is the GPC5 which, according to the researchers, commonly undergoes alterations in a variety of human cancers.

Dr. Yang, director of the team of researchers, said that, in previous studies, the non-smokers have been mixed with smokers with the result of pinpointing genes linked to nicotine dependence.

I would add that this jumble was exploited by supporters of smoking bans.

Dr. Yang also said that in Western countries, between 10 and 15% of lung cancers occur among non-smokers, but in Asian countries, non-smokers with lung cancer are between 30 and 40%.

Unlike the aforementioned study in which they analyzed a single patient, the team of Yang has worked with 754 volunteers!

This study is further proof that the formula "cigarette = lung cancer" is a falsehood made up by pharmaceutical companies which sell potions to stop smoking, supported by doctors who have undergone the brainwashing administered in congresses and, in some cases, helped by various gifts. With this statement I do not mean to include the many honest doctors and lay people which, in bona fide, are apostles of non-smoking (unconsciously indoctrinated by insidious propaganda).



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