Junk science, and other propaganda, is appearing in the cause of reinforcing Minnesota’s ban.
The Minnesota Daily article linked with refers to a study paid for by ClearWay of Minnesota (also known as MPAAT: Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco), an agency funded by the state from tobacco settlement funds, annually to the tune of about twenty million dollars. (ClearWay funding details: LinkStored Link). This is but a drop in the bucket of antitobacco funding nationally and internationally, and of course does not even account for all of the private and public antitobacco expenditures in Minnesota, so appreciate the very great weight of our crazy Anti’s purse. The American tobacco giants are themselves forsworn from criticizing antitobacco research under terms of the Master Settlement Agreement. It’s a true prohibitionist heyday. Anti swings her big pocketbook at her opponents, and uses her untrammelled license to lie, with frothing abandon.

Minnesota is the state where the "Theatre Night" rebellion is taking place. At the same time Anti is producing some of the usual junk to purport "real benefit" from the ban. We’re told non-smoking hospitality industry workers have 80% (or so) lower blood levels of a nicotine marker and "a carcinogen" (unnamed.) Our regular readers know that designation of "carcinogens" is a slap-happy farce anyway, and of course, the media rarely bothers with pesky facts when touting antitobacco propaganda. Nicotine, of course, is present in numerous plants including common vegetables and is no index of harm, as neither is ETS or its constituents, under ordinary conditions in homes or workplaces.

Is this "study" in the least measure accurate? Probably not but it makes no difference. Of course this junk by no means suggests that the "smoking ban reduces health risk" as the newspaper headline dutifully drivels. Indeed it suggests nothing at all that could not have been assumed. There is a reduction in tobacco smoke in places where tobacco smoking has ceased. Eureka. The "benefit" of the ban is removal of choice and nothing more. Also, some hypochondriacally alarmed hospitality workers believe they may be healing from touted ETS damage or simply from bleary eyes, so they like the smoker ban. Elementary. Vilification campaigns invite contempt for choice. Others in and out of the hospitality business hate the smoker ban, but of course they don’t count, the Master Race must rule over every inch of the Earth by force of eugenic law.

If there was free choice the frightened and the calm could each have their own places to work in or go to. That Anti will not have. Hence "Theatre Night" and all that will ensue, in Minnesota, along with the rest of the world. The pogrom marches on. The war against the new eugenics must be firmly and effectively fought. Would that we had our bug-eyed Anti’s billions we would debunk and destroy her with prompt alacrity. We don’t have the billions. We have the resolve to destroy a hate campaign, bit by bit, here and there, month by month, year by year. "Purifying" hate campaigns have had many heydays before and as many collapses over time. The taste for tobacco is very old. The taste for decency is older still. Those things never die.

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Another recent article from the goose-stepping Minneapolist Star-Tribune details, in cheerfully approving tone of course, an Anti-funded fear ‘n’ hate promotion campaign. Billboards on major roadways at the state border now depict Minnesota as an island of safety, surrounded by a sickening cloud, the diseased emanations of tobacco smokers in bordering states without bans.

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