A few days ago we reported on the new frontier of the Healthists – destruction of the social life of fatsos in the same way they are destroying that of smokers.

The bill that would have made it illegal for restaurants in Mississippi to serve food to overweight persons (House Bill 282) died in Committee, apparently on the 19th of February.

Smile – but do not celebrate. It is appalling and nauseating that such a bill could even be proposed. What’s more, they will come back with it, maybe in Mississippi, or maybe somewhere else.

They MUST do to fatsos what they do to smokers: disintegrate their social lives, their values, their self-esteem, so that they will obey, in abject preference to ostracism.

The health bastards have pharmaceutical money galore. They will use it. They will never quit.

Neither must we. There is no room for Healthism in a decent society.



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