Last Saturday Nov. 29 in The Hague, the capital of Holland, 5-6,000 people demonstrated against the smoking ban.

Do they look like 1,500 people to you, as the public health mass media lackeys say?

"Smokers die early because smoking kills". This participant to the rally certainly confirms that "public health" speaks the truth!…

"I Smoke", state these demonstrators with pride. This is a very important statement, because it shows that the "white coat" and "guilt" effects of the public health crooks can be overcome.

Like a bazooka pointed against the public health cons, a huge cigarette is held by the demonstrators: "we will not obey". Neo-Nazi minister of "health" Ab Klink has promised more repression of the free fighters.

A sign that tells the minister of "health" where to go. We would have a more descriptive suggestion, but certainly signs like that should be in every country, held by the defenders of liberty.

Wiel Maessen, president of FORCES Netherlands, speaks at the rally.

The number of people who actually participated to the rally seems to be controversial.

According to the only English language coverage we could find (stored copy), the police estimate the numbers to be much less, about 1,500. By reading the article, however, the bias against the demonstration is evident. That is because, as we know well by now, the job of the mass media is to project the notion that there is a great amount of “consensus” for the repression and prohibition of the right to smoke. They also must help “public health” to make its scientific frauds and false information look real. For that reason the defenders of the right must be represented as either corrupt, “weird” or “addicts” — and, at any rate, as a tiny minority which, as such, can be squashed with impunity.

But we know better than that, and we know that, in general, the mass-media are sold to the neo-Nazi antismoking ideology. Just look at the pictures in this page, and you can see for yourselves that the crowd is certainly far more than 1,500 people.

The themes of the demonstration have ranged from the devastating impact of the ban on economy to the glaring epidemiologic fraud of passive smoking, to the social division caused by antitobacco in general.

The demonstration was coordinated with the considerable contribution of FORCES Netherlands.

This rally is not just an isolated case, but it is part of a coordinated effort to target antitobacco and its pharmaceutical friends.

"A cigarette is part of cafe culture," said Wiel Maessen, secretary of the Save the Small Cafe Owners’ group which organised the rally, and president of FORCES Netherlands.

The coverage of the local press, on the other hand, has been considerable, and at the bottom of this page you can click on some of the long list of Dutch articles covering the event.

Congratulations to FORCES Netherlands for the successful rally that, we hope, is the beginning of an organized action against the Health Nazi tyranny of “public health” in that nation; and if you think that “Nazi” is too strong a term, think again – and read our new Position Paper You may change your mind. People like Dutch Health Minister Ab Klink may be much closer to being dictators than what they themselves like to think. Actually, we believe that they know that they are Nazis, but they want YOU to believe that they are not — that is, until it’s too late, as they use the same strategy that their forefather Adolf successfully used in the past.

It’s the same old: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Some of the Dutch press coverage

30-11-2008 – DeResearcher (stored copy)

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29-11-2008 – Hart van Nederland (stored copy)

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29-11-2008 – MadBello (stored copy)

29-11-2008 – (stored copy)

29-11-2008 – NOS Journaal (stored copy)



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