Now, according to today’s parameters this is what should be called justice, as it pays back non-smokers with the same currency they pay smokers. How does that feel?

The owner of a software firm in northern Germany has fired three non-smoking employees because, with their expectations of “clean air” (read: air without smoking is automatically “clean”!), they were in constant conflict with management and with their predominantly smoking co-workers. The three whiners were disrupting an otherwise happy working environment intolerably.

The business owner has explained that his smoking employees are the best, and are already stressed enough by their job, which consists in giving technical support to customers; the employees therefore find relief in exercising their right to smoke. He also says that in his company he does not tolerate whiners and disruptors who make havoc and hell for others. The non-smokers (better defined, in this case, as anti-smokers) were already set in a separate room but, like all the anti-smoking scum, they expected the entire office to suit their sick expectations, their own room of course was not enough.

So they got fired. Since the anti-smoking disruptors have been eliminated, the work environment has gone back to its normal and jovial productivity, and all is well with the world: the way it should be.

Kudos to the German business owner, who has applied democracy in the same way “public health” and antismoking activists claim to support. More of this must happen. Healthism needs its butt kicked firmly and often. This is a nice example – and a nice hoax. But it gives you an idea of how accurately newspapers check the news they report.



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