In the Healthist era not a month passes without news of a new "epidemic." What has actually been created is an epidemic of hypochondria.

The medical and public health fields made some genuine strides in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Establishment of water and sewer hygiene, and the vanquishing of many microbes, together with abandonment of many traditional and often deadly medical treatments, helped produce the longest-lived generations in world history.

Instead of celebrating unprecedented health, and building upon what was achieved, the health professions have degenerated into exponents of statistical blather, derived from the pseudo-science of eugenics, now referred to most commonly as lifestyle epidemiology. The effect is an abject return to superstition under the name of science.

Public Health is a font of neurosis, fear, and social division. The healthiest humans in history are likewise history’s most pathetic hypochondriacs. Anti-tobacco is the bellwether scare of the new eugenics. It has come to attract every form of neurotic and psychotic as zealous leaders and trembling followers in the cause of a tobacco-free society. Stephanie Stahl, under the rubric of the Boat Rockers’ Association (BRA), zeroes in on the more common related types in a series of videos. Click the titles to view the videos.

1) No More Apathy – an introduction.

2) No More Sagging – the self-loathing smoker.

3) Lift and Separate – the neurotic anti-smoker.

4) Expensive Lingerie (parts I & II) – greedy anti-smokers.

5) Underwire Support – professional/charity-worker anti-smoker.

6) Training BRA – the moralist anti-smoker.

7) Burning – the insecure/hurt child anti-smoker.

8) Unhooked – the innocent anti-smoker.

9) Padding the Figures – the ex-smoker anti-smoker.

10) Adjustable Straps – the bereaved anti-smoker.

11) Sports BRA – the controller anti-smoker



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