Is there anyone who still doubts that tobacco control pushes epi frauds because it is on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry?

We don’t think so – at least amongst those who are familiar with the tobacco issue. But the newcomers in the war against healthism are always in need of a reminder.

‘The 2007 National Conference on Tobacco or Health was held late last week in Minneapolis. According to the conference literature, a major purpose of the conference was to "Learn the latest evidence on what works in tobacco control and how to apply current research findings." However, far from being an objective source of scientific information, the conference prostituted itself – in my opinion – by accepting sponsorship funding from Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that manufactures a smoking cessation drug which was discussed at the meetings.’

‘A major topic of the conference was "cessation, nicotine, and the science of addiction." In a conference sponsored by Pfizer, one cannot expect to have an objective presentation of this topic. After all, Pfizer is the manufacturer of Chantix (varenicline), which the company is heavily promoting as a smoking cessation aid’, reports Michael Siegel.

We at FORCES may as well advertize cigarettes, why not? There is only one difference: the tobacco industry does not even have the balls to pay us!

It is to be absolutely clear that the antismoking propaganda exists almost exclusively because of the pharmaceutical industry, and because of the glowingly clear financial interest that the industry has in the sales of smoking cessation trash. As “tobacco control” advocates are so quick to point out any and all tobacco funding of their opposition, curiously enough the mass-media lackeys never point out to the public that the almost totality of the tobacco control movement is paid off by Big Pharma, and acts as a used car salesman for that industry. In other words, corruption by the pharmaceutical industry is less corruption than the corruption by the tobacco industry.

There is a reason for that. One of the smartest moves that Big Pharma (oops, sorry, “tobacco control” and “health authorities”) has even done is the achievement of the prohibition of cigarette advertisement. In that way, the whores of the mass-media increased their dependence on Big Pharma advertisement – to the point of suppressing virtually all the denunciations against the epidemiological fraud on smoking, and of promoting the antismoking “culture” as key to a “healthier” life – a key that does not fit reality. Let us do some “epidemiology” of our own, here: the antismoking slant of any given mass media is directly proportional to the amount of pharmaceutical advertisement received by that mass media. Differently than "tobacco-related" statistical deaths, this is as inescapable as a Newtonian law.

So, Pfizer finances another antismoking conference, treating people who belong in jail as the kings of an inverted system. Don’t believe anything that “public health” and the mass media say against smoking. That is simply because, one way or another, they are paid off by Big Pharma.

It is as simple as that.



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