If you want to have a peek at the future of tobacco prohibition and smokers’ persecution according to international “public health”, all you have to do is look at some Third World countries that do not have the financial and the constitutional means to defend themselves.

In those countries the antismoking criminals can have their fanatical ideology and sick order of priorities totally unleashed right now.

These two African countries are an example.

Clearly, “public health” "advocate" Sylvia Masebo of Zambia does not have any problem with her conscience, thus she imprisons smokers for two years while AIDS, malaria and starvation expand in her country.

“Professor” “Honorable” minister of health Eyitayo Lambo of Nigeria also has no problem ignoring the horrible health and starvation problems of his country in favour of throwing smokers in jail. It is not a coincidence that the bastard is a doctor consultant of the WHO – thus of Big Pharma. All that and more can be verified by clicking here.


Zambia is the hardest-hit — actually ravaged — country by hunger and AIDS (stored copy), that the gangsters of the World Health Organization consider secondary to smoking. Those two factors alone have left about half of the country’s children orphaned and often wandering the streets alone. Hunger is so rampant (stored copy) that most cattle die of pneumonia and crops wither from drought (stored copy), and malaria afflicts about half the population (stored copy).

So what health “threat” are the local “public health” criminals most concerned with — to the point of imposing 2 years in jail for doing it on the streets? Smoking, of course.

"The Zambian government has banned smoking in public places and those found wanting would be liable to pay a fine of 400,000 Kwachas (125.00US$)* or imprisonment for a term of up to two years. This is according to local government and housing minister Sylvia Masebo, who said she signed a Statutory Instrument that came into effect on May 27, 2008.

She said the public places include all public buildings, streets, offices, bus stations, conveniences and other places to be prescribed."

How much palm greasing did the “public health” bastards get from the WHO and its Big Pharma Multinationals friends, while they are allowing dangerously or fatally contaminated drugs to be dumped in that country (stored copy)? We leave that to the imagination of our readers.

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* Average yearly income of a Zambian: US$380.00. Thus, for smoking a cigarette in public, Zambian antismoking criminals take 1/3 of the yearly income.



To celebrate May 31st, the international day of the Great Fraud Against Tobacco, the World Health Organization dusts off its criminal methods of threatening all the signatories of the Tobacco Framework Convention, the international Treaty to standardize the false information on smoking and "harmonize" the persecution of smokers at the planetary level, while furthering the interests of the pharmaceutical multinationals.

Third World countries are further blackmailed with the withholding of international loans by the associates of the WHO, the World Bank, which is also largely controlled by Big Pharma interests. The Third World countries have little choice but to obey, put their tremendous problems on the back burner and give relevance to the smoking epidemiological fraud while persecuting their own citizens.

This German article (links bottom of page) reports that the Nigerian government threatens its citizens with jail if they smoke in the streets, while the Nazi criminals of the WHO use this as an example for the rest of the world. The Geneva gangsters are also turning to the youth, preaching their healtist ideology and epidemiological frauds, and invite them to report their own parents to the “authorities” if the are “caught” smoking in the presence of children.

Nigeria is plagued with about 3 million AIDS victims (stored copy), while 3,000 children a day die in Africa from malaria alone (stored copy), and those are real and monofactorial deaths, not computer products of the imagination and attributions by crooks.

A country that is plunging into poverty and hunger more every day (stored copy) must concern itself with non-existing epidemics such as smoking, while ignoring the horrible reality that stares it right in its face.

Nigeria and Zambia are indeed the perfect preys for Tobacco Control, a criminal enterprise that deserves a new Nuremberg as soon as the world returns to its senses.

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