When we say that what antismokers lack the most is a sense of morality – and thus a sense of decency – we are often accused of exaggerating because “we like to smoke” and thus want “revenge” for the prohibition we are forced to undergo. For a change, that ‘s a true accusation: you can bet that we want revenge; and we are working hard at it.

After what we have to suffer, we are entitled to see, one day, the antismoking bastards punished for what they have done to their victims – and the punishment must consist, at least, in the same suffering, "denormalization", privation and contempt that they dole out to their victims every day… plus accumulated interests, of course.

As we have observed, Tobacco Control advocates decide to make a career out of fraud and hate instigation. An essential prerequisite for that is of course an ethical deficit.

Antismoker Bàrbel HòhnTake Bärbel Höhn, for example. She is the former minister of environment for the state of North Rhine-Westfalia (Germany) and a rabid antismoker. Just a few days ago we reported that she was exposed for peculation. In the old days – when a better general sense of morality prevailed – even a rotten politician, when caught in the act, would “lay low” for a long time, if not pull out of the field altogether. Not anymore: there are hundreds of examples by now that demonstrate that being caught is the acts of lying, conning and defrauding seem to be a badge of distinction for public health and environmental advocates.

Totally unrepentant and unashamed by the crime she is charged with, Bärbel Höhn now calls for tougher policies against overweight children and young people as well as a ban on TV commercials for sweets. See link at the bottom of the page (German). Why not? If there is a ban on tobacco product advertisement on the basis of epidemiological frauds, why not one on chocolate, alcohol, cars, computers. After all, all it takes is the magic tool of epidemiology to show an elevation of risk, some pharmaceutical payola et voilà, la prohibition est là!

Let us see more proof of the compulsive lying of the Tobacco Control low life. In this German video (subtitles in English) Bärbel Höhn cons the public by stating that passive smoking is more dangerous than Diesel fumes . She claims that she was “surprised” herself when she saw the results of the study. We know better. The surprise element is part of the communication finesse of the antismoking bastards: they are always surprised at the findings they wanted to find in the first place; that is supposed to show good faith and an absence of intent to persecute. Of course, this plays well only with the fools who still don’t know them! Tobacco Control cons work as international teams: when one group creates the scientific hoaxes, the others claim surprise.

Höhn should have been surprised, alright, because the study in question, conducted by the Italian Cancer League trash, was a total scam that was debunked and exposed long ago. Click here to read the scientific debunking of the junk study.

Yet again, “lying in the line of duty” is a badge of honour for "public health" types, as they have embraced fraud as an ideology and as a legitimate means to achieve their ends.

The Bärbel Höhn case highlights one often neglected aspect of the fight against "public health" and Tobacco Control. This is not just a fight for personal liberty, self-determination and freedom of choice. It is not just a struggle for economic survival by the hospitality industry, nor is it just a fight for scientific accuracy and institutional integrity.

There is a greater overarching issue, one which perhaps has motivated many people on our side to fight a fight against all odds, for no money and beyond the call of any conceivable duty.

The fight against extreme environmentalism, healthism in general and Tobacco Control in particular is a fight against anti-morality – and that, in our opinion, is what makes it the holiest fight of all. And when public health institutions – or any other institution – is run by people without morality, is there any surprise that we have immoral institutions?



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