A smoker! Run! Kill him! Antismoking will not stop attempting to promulgate that the briefest encounter with a smoker is deadly.
WebMD makes the headline: “Secondhand Smoke: Damage in Mere Minutes” (Link) (stored link). The goose-stepping Washington Post salutes with “Secondhand Smoke Blocks Artery Repair” (Link) (stored link). What’s it all about? Another study! (Link) By whom? “Study author Christian Heiss, currently affiliated with the University RWTH Aachen in Germany, and colleagues in California …”. Funded by? The Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation (a California charity), The American Heart Association (always eager for a scare), The Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (always eager for a law suit), and back to California for: the University of California at San Francisco Cardiac Stem Cell Foundation: yes, that’s right, home of Stanton Glantz. Incidentally, the study is published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, for which — guess who — Stanton Glantz has served as an associate editor.

The Washington Post dutifully interviews “Dokta” Glantz (a long-term pogrom proponent and mechanical engineer with a sham “fellowship in cardiology” from his grant-loving host UCSF: the dokta has spun scares and grant money into a lucrative industry for himself and UCSF for many years now.) The Post reveals: “The research was done because there still are skeptics who doubt the health value of public smoking bans, said study co-author Stanton Glantz, professor of medicine [no, he can’t prescribe cough syrup, but yes, that’s what he calls himself now] at the University of California, San Francisco, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.” The professa continues: “There are still some people out there saying these effects [from smoking bans], seen in terms of reduced heart attacks and an immediate drop in heart attacks, are just not feasible.” Get that? Feasibility be damned, heart attacks are reduced, and they drop. Dokta professas tend to echolalia (viz. Herr Doktor Göbbels.)

The obliging Post quotes another propagandist, Doctor Norman Edelman of the frothing American Lung Association, who drones on to the same drilling effect. Is there really any news here at all? No, we expect antitobacco fanatics to prevaricate, regardless of repeated debunking. The effect of active smoking on heart attack risk, statistically puny in “lifestyle epidemiology” anyway, and in fact inextricable at any level from thousands of other influences, takes its effect, if any, over many decades. This new study merely blathers about cherry-picked and trivial fluctuations in blood chemistry such as normal persons experience normally hour by hour and day to day for a multitude of reasons and non-reasons: simply by virtue of being normal. People do not have heart attacks from “passive smoking.” That very idea, and Stanton Glantz and his acolytes, have been debunked so many times we forbear to provide innumerable links here.

Browse our archives regarding Helena, Scotland, Italy, the ludicrously lying statistics, the non-science of which this study is but another sick example, the persistent evasions of scrutiny and unending repetitions of scares. Also refer to our citations of and interviews with Doctor Michael Siegel, the antitobacco advocate who has recently begun to perceive the horror of that movement, and to Siegel’s own blog, on these same subjects. All of this proves but one thing. The crazed blowhards of antitobacco never stop echoing, drilling, hammering in the same old falsehoods and the same increasingly vicious message: kill the smokers. The idiocy of this study, and many other things, reinforce what wise men have always known: fanaticism knows not bounds. FORCES readers will recall that Glantz’s ideological pal John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health recently insisted that every smoker was a prospect for homicide prosecution. They will not stop. Not until we stop them. Antitobacco is the modern incarnation of eugenics. Help us put it forcibly into its grave: there is no other way.



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