Things are changing around the world in spite of the tightening grip of Tobacco Control. People are beginning to say “enough” everywhere. They begin to recognize the fraud – and they talk about it, publicly. That seriously worries the Tobacco Control operatives.

They are right to be worried because, were they to be politically defeated and deprived of state and pharmaceutical funds, they know quite well that prison will become their residence for many years.

The “anxiety” of the Tobacco Control gangsters is visible in many ways. Take, just for example, this “paper” by Becky Freeman and Simon Chapman of the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia. These are two well-known crooks — especially Chapman, who is, after all, a consultant to the World Health Organization.

The paper is about the spreading of the smoking culture and the dispersal of information about the Tobacco Control fraud on You Tube. They are seriously “concerned” about that, and pressures are constantly exerted on You Tube to remove the information that reveals Tobacco Control for what it really is: a front for the pharmaceutical industry and a dishonest association of fanatics and ideologues who make a succulent living by conning entire populations on the dangers of smoking, let alone other lifestyles.

Tobacco Control is working behind the scenes even more than it is working publicly. It is therefore important that the side of freedom of choice and information puts equal pressure on You Tube and other free media. We all know that the control of information is key for control freaks – and the Internet represents a formidable threat to them and their effort to mold an “antismoking culture” by fostering hatred and false information. Actually, the Internet scares all the enemies of freedom – and that’s why they are desperately trying to control it in every which way they can, and proposing all kind of "laws". So far they have largely failed, but they keep on trying. We must make sure that they keep on failing.

Take a deep breath, hold your nose and read. The document constitutes interesting ammunition to counter the Tobacco Control efforts to suppress freedom of information along with smoking.



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