The crime: allowing smoking on one’s own property. The criminal: a courageous British pub owner by the name of Nick Hogan. The real criminal: a justice system that allows political agendas to bend due process. Welcome to the antismoking state.

“A PUB landlord who allowed his customers to flout the smoking ban is facing an £11,000 bill after losing an appeal against his conviction. The 41-year-old claims his bankruptcy is a result of the ban. He appealed on the grounds that he could not know people were smoking in the pub or bar when he wasn’t there.

A judge refused his appeal today saying his well-publicised stance against the legislation effectively ‘encouraged’ people to smoke inside and he should have known they would. Mr Hogan, 41, had placed letters on tables around the pub and bar informing customers of the ban and saying it was their choice whether or not to smoke. There was also a mass ‘light-up’ in the pub on the day the ban was introduced.”

In other words, the judge cites media coverage as evidence even though that is inadmissible in a court of law as any press coverage is taken as third party reporting. The fact that a day of protest happened is again inadmissible as the case hinges on the date/s that summonses were served.

Those facts, clearly, do not matter: the British smoking ban must stand no matter what is done to justice. The fact – simple and straightforward – is that when a nation embraces antitobacco ideology, the implication is that the judicial system must use any slant possible to stunt the recourse of those who want to preserve and protect the freedom to smoke. That is because the most fundamental credo of the antismoking ideologues is that smokers have no rights whatsoever, and it is thus moral and legitimate and dutiful to suffocate them, abuse them, and punish them for their freely chosen way of life.

During the years, FORCES has always sustained that the smoking issue is not a debate, but an all-our war declared by the public health ideologues to transform smokers not only into second-class citizens, but also and especially as the stepping stones of an immense cultural engineering maneuvre to mould a society based on total control on the grounds that the state – not its citizens – establish the way of life of the nation. That is Fascism, pure and simple. We have also said all along that the only way to fight antitobacco, public health and its neo-Nazi ideology is with force.

Nick Hogan and his pub

For that reason we have always been called “extremists” – even by our own side! – because the hope was that, by kissing the ass of a system that has already decided to squash smoking and smokers with any means necessary – no limitations! – some form of “understanding” or “compromise” or “negotiation” could be possible to “salvage the situation”.

That is bullshit. Naive bullshit.

There are no compromises in a war; there is either victory or surrender. The self-delusional Chamberlains may as well give it up – or turn themselves into Churchills. Over thirty years of propaganda, lies, false information, scares and hatred for smoking have bent the system in such a way that any recourse to justice and due process on the grounds of rights, thruth and freedom is as futile as a Jew trying to get some justice from a Nazi tribunal. Under those circumstances, arguing for “reasonable compromises” is starting the fight on your knees.

The fight is to be based on different means or given up altogether, today with smoking bans, tomorrow with food and alcohol bans, and then with any and all whims that the capricious and corrupt “health” authorities feel like perpetrating at the moment for whatever reason.

Procurement of numbers. Organize disobedience and demonstrations. Self-taxation for raising the abundant money required. Ways to strike economically and psychologically to “make it difficult” for “authorities” to torment their victims. Retaliation. Passive resistance. Active resistance. The targets of public health and its rotten laws have to become the enemies of the system, for the system is their enemy. Those are the means that work.

The situation needs to be brought to an unbearable and unsustainable level. It must become political. Then and only then a compromise would be possible. Until then, all beliefs in the “due” process of a system that has already judged opponents as guilty and therefore, has the job to suppress them while making them waste precious time and energies are foolish self-delusions. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people out there that have not yet accepted a reality that is too ugly for them to bear; but delusional schizophrenia is the disease, not the cure.

Our thoughts and our support are for heroes like Nick Hogan. "He plans to take his case to the High Court and, if that appeal fails, to the European Courts." God speed to him – but a correction may be in order when he says: "The smoking ban is an insult to every working class man in the country". We believe that laws based on fraud and hatred are an insult to every human being of any class, in every country — and at any time.



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