BERLIN – A milestone decision of the German Constitutional Court, which applies to the entire German Federation, has been issued against the law that forbids smoking in the smaller beer parlours in Berlin and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

While the managers of pubs and larger restaurants can create smoking sections, this is not possible for the smaller locales, and thus discriminates against the owners of single-volume locales.

This is not yet victory, because the ruling allows individual states to decide whether to go for blanket smoking bans or lighten up the prohibition and respect the choice to allow smoking. However, this would not be an arbitrary decision, as the process requires one and a half years, during which smokers will be free to practice their life choice in public places – as they should always be able to do.

During this period, evidence on the dangers of passive smoking will be examined. German freedom fighters have therefore one and a half years to educate their politicians on the greatest epidemiological fraud ever perpetrated.



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