A special Christmas message from the British Minister of Antismoking Propaganda …

…(Hairy Chestnuts), that we are sure you will enjoy, is the gift that Phil Williams gives us for this holiday season. Click here to watch the special message.

Many other videos are constantly produced by Phil Williams, one of the best expressions of spontaneity and principles we have in the antifascist movement. Visit his You Tube spot and bookmark his page. It’s worth it!


Here are some of his videos you can enjoy. There are still more in our Multimedia Portal. Simply enter Antismoking League, Hairy Chestnuts, or Phil Williams in the search engine.

Antismoking League: Age Concern – The disgusting contempt and disregard of “public health” for older people who are forced to go outside in the cold to have a smoke is well explained by the words of the British Minister of Antismoking Propaganda.

Antismoking League: Origin of Hatred – Hairy Chestnuts explains why he pretends to be an antismoker. There is more to it than mocking a bunch of bastards. It is a scientific and social fraud by institutions that are taking advantage of the good faith of people, adopting real Nazi “science” – and mentality.

Antismoking League: Play It Safe – Life is so dangerous… risk and dangers are lurking everywhere… So our friend Phil is taking the necessary precautions!

Hairy Chestnuts and the Moron Game – How do you get conned (and scared) by the ministry of “health”? Phil Williams (AKA Hairy Chestnuts) explains it to you.

Hairy Chestnuts Has a Smoke – Our friend Phil Williams enjoys a smoke – right in the face of the antitobacco fascists, their lies and their cultural engineering.

Hairy Chestnuts and the Voice of the People – Plain English for plain cons.

Re: Antismoking League’s “Hi From Hairy Chestnuts”; answer from a reader – Video-answer of a reader to Phil Williams/Hairy Chestnuts.



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