The turpitude of Tobacco Control cannot and should not cease to disgust any person who still has a moral sense. Tobacco Control has become a squalid metre against which to measure our moral sanity and integrity.

Canada was the first country that went morally amok and actually killed elderly nursing home patients by forcing them to go smoke outside in polar temperatures. The criminals responsible for that are still in positions of power both in institutions and in political chairs, unpunished, and unrepentant. That speaks volumes. A country that closes its eye to murder in the name of health-related trash science is putrid with fanatical ideology.

As the Tobacco Control cancer spreads across the planet, coördinated by the gangsters of the World Health Organization, other countries came on board the disgusting program of physical elimination of smokers. The assorted Human Rights organizations keep on looking the other way, which makes them accomplices to these murders.

The United Kingdom and its fervid antismoking neo-Nazism certainly could not be missing from this lurid display of delinquency. The Canadian Group C.A.G.E. reports:

“It is when reading disgusting stories such as the one that comes to us from the UK today that has us more and more convinced that some public health authorities and bureaucrats must one day, better sooner than later, be convicted for hate crimes and locked up under inhuman conditions similar to those they take pleasure in imposing on others.

“…bureaucrat Dr Chris Spencer-Jones, South Birmingham public health director, said he did not care if lifelong smokers were dying, he still didn’t want them smoking indoors, so the plans for upgrading the smoking room in the hospital, may instead cause the resident patients to lose their smoking room altogether.”

Read the rest of the story on C.A.G.E. These centres are for the terminally ill. People go there to die – theoretically in peace. In reality they suffer intense persecution until their last day from sadist antismoking criminals who deserve both jail, and total contempt. They should be tried, judged, and sentenced to spend their lives in prison.

Even if all the epidemiological frauds spread by public health on smoking were true this still would be murder. These people are terminally ill, their health certainly cannot be hurt. Let them die in peace, and let them die smoking. There is only one possible explanation for the prohibition: hatred and sadism – and murder. Yes, murder, but the antismoking assassins are not being punished. They continue to rule.

It is this form of international crime that FORCES is fighting. The situation is grave. It keeps getting worse. The worst keeps spreading wider. Antitobacco will end up doing much the same everywhere. The purpose of antitobacco is to stop smoking and eliminate smokers, and clearly, murder has become a legitimate means in the minds of these criminals.

We want to stop them. We want to punish them. We need to acquire sufficient force to replace the inept, fearful, corrupt institutions that are supposed to look after human rights, but refuse to intervene because they are whores who look the other way in order not to upset the fanatics that put money in their pockets.

Help us. Help us to defend and protect the victims. Help us to fight and punish the guilty. Help us to stop the murderous madness. In a material world, there is only one way to do that: with money, which is the only thing that we are lacking.

Donate generously. Give to us instead of the public health crooks, which are responsible for all that you read in our pages. Thank you.



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