Public health and antismoking organizations continuously claim that they want to “help” smokers quit. Tobacco Control is the entity that really needs help – that of a shrink specializing in sociopathic behaviour, that is.

It is no news that antitobacco zealots go out of their way to indict smokers as deranged fiends who kill innocents via passive smoking. It is no news at all that the dangers of passive smoking are an epidemiological fraud circulated by unscrupulous health authorities and sociopathic antismoking organizations to further hatred, segregation, and prohibition.

We say again: unscrupulous and sociopathic health authorities and antismoking organizations.

These words and others of this kind have, over the years, evoked criticism of FORCES. “You are extremists.” “You are exaggerating.” “You are not credible.” “You have no style.”

Yet, note, everything we predicted through the years has come true — day after day, nation after nation, all coördinated by the World Health Organization, from its headquarters in Switzerland. How much denial do tou care to indulge in, how much of an ostrich are you willing to be? Talking about Switzerland, take a look at the pictures in this page. Now say who is exaggerating, who is credible, who has style — and who is the extremist. The pictures come from the Italo-Swiss police criminal archives. They document Mafia slaughters from a past era. So far, pictures like this have generally been set aside for criminologists and scholars, as they were thought too horrid for public display.

Not anymore. Here comes the Swiss league against cancer, Lungenliga. Coherently with the necrophiliac obsession started by Canadian “public health” nearly ten years ago, and later picked up by some European countries, stomach-turning images along with the false information they carry are no longer limited to cigarette packages. They are now on posters and magazines. The sociopaths running Lungenliga got into the police archives and used the pictures for antismoking purposes. The captions on the pictures say: “Passive smoking kills as well.” The intent is patent: the sociopaths want to equate innocent smokers with Mafia killers in the most alarming way possible.

True, in the eyes of the intelligent person, such pictures only attest to the mental disease and intellectual decrepitude of those who circulate them; however, and sadly, Tobacco Control rapes the gullible public emotionally, so that the shock bypasses the rational process and gets directly to the irrational part of the subconscious: “Smokers are going to do that to me. I hate them. I have to stop them. I will use violence to defend myself. I am entitled.” Of course, there is nothing to defend against, passive smoke is harmless, but that is irrelevant. The manoeuvre is quite deliberate, which is to say, archly and premeditatedly criminal.

Tobacco Control wants hatred to do what Healthist campaigns have failed to accomplish so far witth their junk science and scare tactics: to condition all smokers into quitting – this time by setting the non-smokers violently against them. Instigating citizens against each other is the most contemptible, insidious thing any system or nation can set out to do. This puts Tobacco Control quite at the level of organized crime, or rather, several steps below. Given the scope and reach of this hate crusade, only comparison to history’s sickest despots, the Fascists and their kin, can really suffice: and yes, FORCES has been criticized for saying that before. Look at Tobacco Control, think about what it has done and keeps doing, before criticizing us again. We know it is repellent to look square-faced at evil, to recognize evil, to call it what it is. We know that very well, but we have done it, because we know we must. So must you.

Will the relentless hate campaign work? We do not know. Of course we hope that it won’t, and that both smokers and non-smokers will simply smoke a calumet on it, yet we know how well hate instigation recently worked in Germany, Italy, and in the fanatically Communist nations: quite well, unfortunately. Those, at least, were localized tragedies. Today the antitobacco hate-mongers act at an international level.

The Health Fascists are coördinated by the WHO (UN) with treaties, their accomplice is the International Monetary Fund that arm-twists countries into the promotion of hatred and fraud, and they are corroborated and financed by the pharmaceutical multinationals and sycophantic public health and media agencies in virtually every nation.

We are up against a Hydra. We know that very well. Join us. Good citizens, collectively, can outstrip the might of Hercules. Evil, empowered by hate and lies, shall fall, when faced, and fought. History has shown this again and again. The Healthist onslaught can be stopped. It MUST be stopped, no matter the costs, take what it will.

The alternative is that, one day, sooner than you think, the horrors depicted in these pictures will become reality once again – not, this time, Mafioso against Mafioso, but respectable citizen against respectable citizen, in an ever-expanding orgy of blind hatred: smoker versus non-smoker, fat versus thin, teetotaller versus drinker, in the offices, in the streets, at home too. It has already begun (click here and here for examples).

What are we waiting for? Let’s rout them — NOW. Let’s dismantle Tobacco Control and its hate machine — NOW.

Because we must. (Linked article in German)



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