This piece from The Moscow Times shows how the pharmaceutical lobby is working hard to get Russia on board of the world antismoking fraud. Along with Indonesia, Russia is still relatively free from the antismoking epidemic.

Reciting the usual statistical lies about mortality and “tobacco-related” diseases, healthist ideologue Andrei K. Demin laments that Russia will not participate to the meeting of the “public health” gangsters to be held in Bangkok this week. Long live free Russia.
In the conference, the WHO has discussed how to expand the pharmaceutical empire and the healthist ideology laden with statistical frauds, rhetoric and financial arm-twisting — and on how to impose national politics that were never voted on by the citizens of the countries now under the supra-national treaty.
The fight against this internationally organized fraud and dictatorial power grabbing through bureaucracy is to become the paramount issue in the lives of all those who want integrity in institutions and freedom. The corruption of international "public health" has become a serious political problem, and antitobacco is the cutting edge.
The fight against “public health” must be a fight based on politics, education, disobedience and ideology rather than “tolerance, courtesy” – and false statistics! As Big Pharma wants global control through “public health”, Big Pharma must get global war.
In the meantime, our C.E.O. Gian Turci wrote this letter to the editor of The Moscow Times.


Dear Editor,

Mr. Demin should be prepared to demonstrate at least one tobacco-related death scientifically, instead of parroting the pharmaceutically-driven figures of international antitobacco. That the World Health Organization is in bed with the colossal pharmaceutical multinationals on antitobacco is no secret, because they say so themselves (
On the other hand, it is no secret that the "dangers" of passive smoke are a statistical fraud as well as a false representation of evidence by the "health" authorities ( in bed with the multinationals, since NONE of the studies actually say that the elevation of risk is sufficient to justify concern.
But it is it quite probable that Mr. Demin will abide by the internationally established approach/procedure instead — that is, NEVER to embark in scientific debates that may prove that what he states is false. Rather, he will invoke "authorities" and "consensus" without ever facing the evidence. That is a well-tested tactic of the antismoking liars.
Russia has a whole lot of REAL problems without worrying about the fabricated ones. But the fact that Russia has not signed the international fraud known as the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control speaks of Russian intelligence, rather than "backwardness". To verify the devastating socio-economic effects of smokers’ persecution politics all you have to do is go to England or Canada — and light up a cigarette.
Best regards,
Gian Turci



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