In the face of all evidence, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the antismoking cons continue to say that smoking bans do not hurt business. That’s easy, and every crooked accountant can do that: ignore the liabilities and only show the assets, and every bankruptcy will be a success story!
We are not trying to be funny. We are trying to explain antis – although we’ll never be able to comprehend their dishonesty and their mental convolutions, we have to admit that. Hillary Clinton continues to stick to the story that in New York business is booming because of all those poor non-smokers who never went out to hospitality locales before, in fear of proximity to smoker pigs, and that lie is now becoming as well known as her husband’s multi-purpose cigars.

The antitobacco bastards do the best they can to suffocate the truth with propaganda but, in spite of their efforts, the truth keeps coming to the surface. Federal Reserve economist Dr. Michael Pakko has just completed a review of the impact of a smoking ban on the bars and restaurants in the town of Columbia, Missouri. Bar business is down 11 percent. Restaurants that serve alcohol are down 6.5 percent. Though many Columbia businesses were already antismoking-infested before the smoking ban was imposed, Dr. Pakko shows that the smoking ban caused a 3.5 to 4.0 percent drop in the Columbia bar and restaurant business overall. Not a very attractive prospect for businesses in other towns considering smoking bans as a recession begins.

The attack came instantly, of course, from the antismoking ideologues: “Pakko’s preliminary study faced criticism almost immediately after it was released, and Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman noted at the time that the seven-month study did not examine the health benefits of a smoking ban, a shortcoming acknowledged by Pakko” — who was smart enough to kiss the buttocks of the Nazi ideologues before being added to the list of the enemies of "health" and state.

Isn’t that a lovely line nevertheless. What Pakko counted are measurable dollars, while the “health” benefits are speculations on the bases of junk science studies spread by people who get grants for a living. Furthermore the antismoking bastards, so observant of “science” in this case, do not seem — here or ever — to take into account the real benefits of tobacco taxes to society while busy computing their latest and greatest fraudulent fantasies on the “cost” of smokers to society due to diseases attributed with trash epidemiology.

The fact that economic disaster is the price for laws that are based on scientific fraud is a foregone conclusion, along with the fact that corrupt politicians with or without fanatic ideology choose to ignore economy to "prevent" deaths that are clearly the product of a fraud. Oh, well, that seems to be the new system in power, for now. For moral persons it’s very hard to stomach living in socities run on this basis.

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