There is no escape: when you start with a lie, you must continue lying more and more, or you get caught with your pants down. Antitobacco went that way and, in short order, it became a criminal enterprise.
The fact that the dangers of passive smoking are an epidemiological fraud is well documented and firmly established. The issue has now moved from the pretence of protecting “public health” to a more transparent effort, of imposing smoking prohibition regardless of the science, and just because of the “hate momentum.”

Of course those who propose prohibition continue to maintain that it is a matter of “public health,” as in keeping all those millions of smokers from dying. That is ideology once again, as they have never and cannot prove scientifically that one single human being in history has ever died "because of" smoking. Furthermore, they are unable even to quantify the contribution that smoking may have had in just one death on the planet. In plain, they are guessing, making up figures, while cashing payolas from Big Pharma.

The antismoking crooks of “public health” institutions know these realities better than anyone else. Apart from those with acute psychosis (perhaps a fair portion) the otherwise sociopathic fanatics are acutely aware that the “dangers of passive smoking" are an outright fraud. In spite of the disparity of forces, our side has managed to demonstrate to enough people that the trash epidemiology used to fuel smoking bans is the core of that fraud, such that antitobacco is becoming ever more widely disbelieved and scorned.

The Antis, therefore, have made themselves busy concocting more “credible” frauds to sustain both the public swindle and their pharmaceutical grants. "Lifestyle epidemiology" is being put on the back burner. Sham “experimental science" is now being barfed out as the "new, improved" con job.

We have seen that phenomenon recently with the “defective genes" gambit straight out of the old-time eugenics playbook, and a few days ago another piece of scientific trash (in this case it would be better to say an outright false representation) raised a tattoo from Anti’s loyal drummer boys of the press: the “scientific proof” that passive smoking damages in mere minutes.

We reported on this when the drums started beating and now present further debunking upon enshrining this study in its proper place, the Outright Fraud section of our new scientific portal. There it joins other among the most foetid articles of pseudo-science we’ve ever come across.

We shall be expanding that particular section with much more of this kind of junk, so keep on checking it: increasingly odoriferous "science," passed quickly beneath the public nose for the space of a news cycle, is quite evidently the latest marketing scheme of the fear and hate merchants.

Readers will note that one of the authors of this “study” is pseudo-doctor Stanton Glantz, a famous pharmaceutical stooge generously paid off to keep antismoking stench streaming from his mouth. In truth, that in itself identifies this research as a galactic fart, but enjoy the debunking, with access to the study, by clicking the link below.



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