“Do you ever wonder how something that isn’t true becomes a truism – something everyone ‘knows’ to be so?”

Sandy Szwarc, at her junkfoodscience blog, characteristically raises a good question, and also provides the answer, just in case anybody is listening.

Here she tackles the “truth” that there is an “epidemic” of Type 2 diabetes amongst young people. It isn’t so. It’s blind Healthist dogma.

So is most of what we hear about “risks” that have been “revealed” by degenerate Antiscience. Junk research of the same odor targets tobacco as Public Enemy Number One, but it keeps enlarging its Most Wanted list, on to infinity.

We are listening to Sandy Szwarc, and can tell her with authority that more and more folks are harking to critics of the modern eugenics, with every passing day.

Sandy tells us she fears that Antitruth may be eternal, but that can’t be, and it shan’t be. Evil always succumbs in time to persistent resistance. Join the fight.



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