2,300 children were forced to have vaccinations in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Media were not allowed to cover the event.

The details are appalling. On 17 November 2007, more than two thousand children were subjected to forced vaccinations, at a county courthouse. Nine hundred children who had previously been vaccinated, but whose records were lost by school officials, were forced to take repeat vaccinations.

Their parents had received notices that they would be fined or jailed if their children were not brought in. Guards with dogs were present to ensure conformance and the media was barred.

Observing the children’s distress, presiding Judge C. Philip Nichols said, "It’s cute. It’s like their parents dragging them off to church." Doctor Rima Laibow, author of the article linked with below, comments, "Not my idea of cute, but then, I’m not really big into health fascism."

I, personally, have never read an article which stunned me so absolutely, to the point of questioning myself if this could be true. It is true, and we have an eyewitness account from a woman whose own son was irreparably damaged by vaccinations years ago, included within Doctor Laibow’s article.

First in Texas and now in Maryland we have seen situations of this kind. Is this a trend? Beware, and be prepared, to resist.



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