California wishes to pass an environmental measure to ban smoking in all parks and beaches statewide.
Stating that cigarette butts, filters and lighters are a danger to marine life, California is trying to pass a statewide ban on smoking in all parks and beaches.

What about oil spills? Murders? Discarded needles and condoms? What about plastic picnic items? Once again, cigarettes are a most convenient scapegoat for the ills of daily life. Get rid of those cigarette butts and never mind the other real horrors perpetrated on California beaches. If such a ban is passed, however, smoking will not be decreased one bit. Just ask the residents of San Francisco where a park ban has been in effect for a couple of years. No one observes it nor is there any enforcement effort. The only victims are the "undesirables" whom the so-called compassionate city generally elevate to sainthood. Society as a whole, of course, is victimized when the governing class disguises its incompetence in dealing with real problems by discovering phony problems the they say require attention. San Francisco is, needless to say, facing a severe deficit. The state is also broke. Anti-tobacco fanaticism is the last resort of incompetent, lying and corrupt politicians.



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