We will not waste much time on the non-existing scientific “merits” of this propaganda trash science study headed: “Is it exposure to cigarette smoke or to smokers which increases the risk of meningococcal disease in teenagers?" This idiocy was published in 2006.

The only thing that deserves attention is the spirit of the criminals who conducted this “study” — not different at all from the Nazi “science” used against the Jews. Put this trash together with the smokers’ breath and smokers’ clothes "studies," and the "studies" on the "contagious" nature of smoking (and obesity too) and you see a pattern emerging quite clearly, the same pattern that fingered Jews as carriers of calamity and disease to justify their de-socialization first, and then their elimination.

In this 2006 "study" we’ve overlooked till now we see the "public health" monsters have fingered smokers (in the classic eugenic manner purely by crazed inference) as carriers of meningitis. Smokers, they say, are presumed disease vectors, both when they are smoking, and when they are not. Note the deliberate message well: it’s not the smoke; it’s the smokers. Who but a veritable Nazi would even think of conducting such a study, the "conclusion" of which, is clearly inherent in its concept?

One last question: are we willing to let the public health Nazis do to us what they did to the Jews — or have we learned from history for a change, and we are willing to destroy the Nazis with whatever it takes, as history shows to be necessary?

Be careful of your answer. Chamberlain wasn’t.



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