But wait a minute, wait a minute !!! Hold everything!! Non-Smokers aren’t supposed to die!!

A member of Action on Smoking and Health has recently died at the age of 91, so states her obituary. FORCES has recently posted on its site, many people who lived well into their 100s and who had smoked all their lives. There seems to be a controversy here as to dies and who does not.

We have been laboring under the mistaken impression, for many years now, that it’s only smokers who die! Guess we were wrong on all counts. Either that, or We’ve been mislead, deceived and lied to. ASH is the organization that rams its laws and opinions down everybody’s throats, deceiving people into thinking that non-smokers walk on water, destroying families by dividing them into smokers and non-smokers (very Machievellian), and putting honest business owners out of business by forcing an incredible and unjust smoking ban upon them. The Ban Loss page at The Smokers Club counts about a thousand businesses out of business (and still counting), in our nation, directly attributable to smoking bans. Financed by big pharmaceutical interests ASH and it’s leader, John Banzhaff, grow fat off the blood of the working man, like a huge tick waiting to explode. ASH doesn’t even have to disclose it’s tax information. What a sweet deal!

As to the member who recently died, some may mourn her.



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