Phil Williams gives us his views (which we fully share) on hate engines such as ASH, which represents itself as the representative of non-smokers, when in fact it represents miserably intolerant attitudes held by few outside its own membership.

The ban mentality, promoted by ASH founder BANzhaf, ruins social cohesion and destroys joy in life. Using an example dear to ASH, that of the swimming pool (passive smoking is like peeing in a swimming pool, when in reality it’s like peeing in the Ocean, which in fact, we all do), Williams explains how a bunch of miserable bastards who seldom use the pool in the first place manage to destroy the liberty to enjoy the pool for everyone.

Not only has Mr. Williams proven to be an excellent character actor in the clothes of Hairy Chestnuts, the Neo-Nazi minister of Propaganda of British "public health," now he shows great abilities as teacher. Better and better, Phil!



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