Not a surprise at all, of course. We all know that the false information on smoking and health pushed by ASH along with hatred and discrimination against respectable citizens is paid off by the pharmaceutical industry. We have an entire section of our scientific portal dedicated to the pharmaceutical payolas of Big Pharma to the spreaders of false information, whether they are “public health” institutions or “grass roots” antismoking groups — all paid shills and the very antithesis of "grass roots" in fact.

This letter, leaked through the tightly controlled Big Pharma/”public health”/ASH tandem is very interesting. It is a three-page letter addressed to Dr Jean-Pierre Garnier, Chief Executive Officer of GlaxoSmithKline, dating back 2001. In the letter Clive Bates, boss of the British ASH gang, expresses dismay that "GlaxoSmithKline, as a major healthcare company, should have on its board a prominent tobacco industry figure."

This is a lovers’ spat and not the most interesting part of the document linked with at the bottom of this page. We suggest you read the whole document. Here are some teasers (emphasis added).

"ASH was instrumental in securing greater government commitment to smoking cessation products in the NHS National Plan and we have helped with PR for both Zyban and Niquitin CQ."

"This experience is replicated in many organisations, many countries and in business areas beyond the smoking cessation category."

"Most of the measures that drive people to want to quit smoking and use GSK products are exactly those that are opposed by tobacco companies. Such measures include:

– Restrictions on smoking in public places and workplaces
– Marketing restrictions on tobacco companies
– Higher tobacco taxation
– Greater NHS involvement in smoking cessation
– Regulatory measures to be applied to tobacco products"

Much more interesting stuff is contained in the letter, but we don’t ant to spoil your discovery. Here we only say that, once again, this is proof that:

All the epidemiological frauds on the dangers of active smoking, and the rhetoric about it;
All the epidemiological frauds on the dangers of passive smoking, and the rhetoric about it;
All the smoking bans and the “denormalization” of smoking and smokers;
All the billions spent around the world to denormalize smoking on the basis of the aforementioned frauds,

all endlessly vomited by the ministries of “health” and other “health” and other “health” institutions, antismoking groups, mass media and politicians: all these things have one underlying purpose: create the cultural and social foundation for the sales of pharmaceutical products. That is the financial foundation. The human weakness for fanatical hatred, combined with finance, has created in the antismoking movement a monstrous worldwide fascism.

Those who think that we fight this battle because we “like to smoke” or we are “addicted” – or whatever other rationalisation they wish to manufacture, must face the fact that the “public health” institutions, and the antismoking groups who want to “help smokers to quit,” are nothing but whores of the pharmaceutical industry. They are by motivated monetary or political rewards. They are supported by an industry that uses corruption as a standard promotional tool. Antismoking is big money. The antismoking machine pays millions to its propaganda whores to get back billions from the johns, the foolish smokers, and the foolish public at large.

There is no genuine concern for your health, wake up – and stop believing them: “public health” and their pharmaceutical partners are far worse than the tobacco industry – by orders of magnitude. At least Big Tobacco never used public money to con you, and never advertised its products as “therapy” for a disease that is not a disease: enjoying smoking.

Abandoning belief in corrupt institutions is a first, essential step, but it is certainly not the last one. The last one is tearing down and reforming the corrupted institutions. We must punish them, dismantle them, and rebuild them from the ground up. This will entail doing to the pharmaceutical industry what was done to the tobacco industry.

That would be soft punishment, for Big Pharma and its friends have done far worse than Big Tobacco has ever done. Big Tobacco, in fact, once tried to fight prohibitionist fanaticism. Its one great crime was its turn to appeasement and collaboration. The people can correct all of this, from the bottom up, and they must do so now.



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