Policy makers weighed the "evidence" and came down firmly on the side of Big Drugs and the environmental lobby. Cast aside are the nation’s asthmatics. On New Year’s day those suffering from asthma attacks will no longer be able to seek relief from the inhalers that have for decades alleviated suffering for millions of asthmatics. Those reliable inhalers contain chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs will be illegal due to the hysteria over the ozone layer. Environmentalists, the same people responsible for pushing the global warming hoax and the secondhand smoke panic, are happy.

The ban on the CFC inhalers provide the pharmaceuticals an opportunity to make some quick mega-bucks. The replacement inhalers cost several times as much as the old inhalers. An asthmatic could pay as little as $5 for the inhaler containing CFCs while the new, CFC-free inhalers can cost as much as $60. Quite a markup but nothing must be allowed to inhibit the profits of the most potent lobbying juggernaut on earth, the multi-national pharmaceutical industry. GlaxoSmithKline, among others, which makes the new non-CFC inhaler is as happy with this ban as it is with smoking bans.

There is evidence that the new inhalers are not as easy to use as the forbidden inhalers. They require more care and maintenance than the old ones. The new inhalers don’t provide the reassuring blast of life-saving medicine as did the soon-to-be-illegal inhalers. Asthmatics in the throes of an attack often cannot tell whether the medicine has been released or not.

Tough. Those who count, the drug companies, the environmental cultists and behavior engineers are very happy indeed and in these decadent times these are the people who matter.



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