Just when you thought the global warming hysteria had reached an apogee beyond which it couldn’t possibly go, the nutters working the climate change hustle reach new heights of lunacy.

Mad scientists propose pumping sulfur into the air to "fix" global warming

Until recently the promoters of the global warming hoax have used their faith-based, pseudo-scientific folderol to pressure governments to enact policies that will lower the standard of living by reducing or eliminating much of what makes existence on this planet the most comfortable, egalitarian and safest in history. The negatives include reducing heat in the home during the winter and air conditioning in the summer; eating less of the food people prefer so that the climate change due to herds of cattle, sheep and pigs is diminished; driving private vehicles less or not at all; vacationing at home to avoid airline travel; eliminating incandescent light bulbs. The list is endless and the outcome will be, on purpose and very deliberately, to render the standard of living to the state where it was before the industrial revolution.

Now that the credulous populace has been softened up by exhortations to reduce the theoretical carbon footprint, the mad climate change cultists have come up with a method to heal a warming world that is a spectacular example of positive action instead of the limp agenda of deprivation. Let’s pump massive amounts of sulfur into the earth’s atmosphere to fix global warming.

The idea is artificially to recreate the effects of volcanic eruptions to cool the planet. That’s right. A band of maniacs, including a Nobel Prize-winning chemist, suggest that "geo-engineering" might be a quick remedy for global warming. The volcano enthusiasts point to the eruption of Krakatoa, the largest in recorded history, which all by itself reduced global temperature by as much as 1.2 Celsius during the year following the eruption. Temperatures didn’t return to normal until five years had elapsed.

The global temperature reduction was due to the enormous amount of sulfur dioxide, released by the volcanic blast, envelopeding the world, causing sunlight to be reflected. What goes up must come down and eventually the sulfur descended in the form of acid rain. Still, for five years, global temperatures fell. What nature produced in 1883 the narcissists of the 21st century are eager to duplicate today. Admitting nobody knows how much it would cost to replicate Krakatoa, a lunatic calmly estimates the cost anywhere from $10-billion to $100-billion per year to counteract global warming. He continues that "society may get to the point where it has no choice but to use an emergency measure like sulfur injections to cool global temperatures."

Even five years ago these scientists, who are obviously suffering from a god complex, would have been quietly pressured to resign from whatever positions they held. Their saner colleagues would have chuckled among themselves over the batty obsessions of people who believe they, like Mother Nature herself, have the power to transform earth’s climate and the wisdom to subject the globe to a series of volcanic eruptions, spewing sulfur into our air, all in the name of saving us from ourselves. Instead of being shuffled into a posh booby hatch, these vain fools pontificate from chairs of education to an audience that is scarcely any saner.



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