The DeKalb County Governing Authority has put forth a draconian law to ban smoking indoors and outdoors including restaurants and bars, common areas of apartments, condo’s , townhouses, rooming houses, retirement communities, nursing homes, personal care homes, other multi-residential housing, all day care facilities and e-cigarettes!

Where exactly will they allow you to smoke, just in your own private house. Apparently, there will be no hearings on this ordinance and it will become effective 60 days after it is passed.

Now is the time to take action. Contact Office of the Chief Executive, Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis and let him know he has gone too far.

Contact Information
Mr. W. Burrell Ellis, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
DeKalb County Government
330 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue, 6th Floor
Decatur, GA 30030
404-371-2881 Executive Office
404-371-2521 Neighborhood Empowerment
404-371-6301 Scheduling Line (
404-371-6291 Fax

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