Antismoking pharma-trash tries (and fails) to suppress political speech, activates press marionettes — Read more inside…

"The way in which the European parliament has acted by acting as judge, jury and executioner over the Prohibition Conference is sadly what we have come to expect from the institution. The Bureau is chaired by the President of the Parliament, Mr Hans-Gert Pöttering. He has given himself powers of arbitrary rule over the procedures of Parliament and therefore we should not be surprised. Jefferson said that ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’: how true.

That one of the reasons cited for the ban was to protect the ‘dignity of the Parliament’ tells us everything that we need to know about the state of democracy in this European Union."

— Nigel Farage

The pharmaceutical lapdog antismoking scum of Europe has managed to force the Bureau of the European Parliament to suppress the TICAP conference “Smoking Bans and Lies”, sponsored by the United Kingdom Independence Party, in a grotesque and unprecedented suffocation of political speech. Furthermore, the Health Nazis are currently attempting to prevent the Ind – Dem Group from holding its own conference, “Thinking Is Forbidden”, where TICAP is a guest.

The pharmaceutical industry whores have immediately activated their marionettes at the European Reporter. If you have the stomach, please read this outrageous article, courageusly anonymous and based on absolute lies and slander, which is customary of the followers of the antitobacco Nazi philosophy. Fed by pharmaceutical and public money, the Fascistic arrogance of Tobacco Control never ceases to grow, past all limits of democracy, civility, and decency.

Particularly intense is the attack against FORCES and Dr. Gori, but it is not limited to that. In essence, all those who do not agree with fascistic Healthist beliefs and superstitions (or who are not on the take from Big Pharma, as the entire antitobacco movement is), are corrupt and immoral. In a now-familiar mixture of Marxist and Fascist attitude, the goose-stepping writer of the European Reporter piece implies that Libertarians in general are corrupt — and on the take from all of his paranoiac bugbears: Big Tobacco, Exxon, Ford, General Motors, the American Petroleum Institute…

Curiously enough, the commercial financers of the Tobacco Control scum are not mentioned: Pfizer, Glaxo, Novartis and the rest of the pharmaceutical gang, who pull the strings of the European Health Commission bureaucrats. In short, the European public health system and policy is financed by the public, but it is orchestrated by Big Pharma through un-elected bureaucrats.

This document — one amongst millions — clearly shows that the Smokefree Partnership and the European Tobacco Control movement are stooges of the pharmaceutical industry at the European Parliament level. Look at page 9: Novartis and Pfizer are part of the equation. In other pages of the document you can see pictures of stooges such as Avril Doyle, who has the job to ensure a Big Pharma monopoly on the nicotine market by making tobacco an illegal substance in years to come. Stooges such as Doyle pilot the Parliament with false information on smoking while injecting Health Nazi ideology into the public discourse. The Nazi ideology roots of Tobacco Control are well documented.

The allegations that the tobacco industry is involved in any and all actions against the Tobacco Control Fascists is standard procedure for the prohibitionist enterprise of lies and slander. Thus anyone who is even slightly familiar with that propaganda usually does not pay attention — although he should, considering the political threat that TC represents. However, in the case of the TICAP conference those allegations cannot be ignored, as the tobacco industry had absolutely nothing to do with the conference. In fact, a couple of tobacco industry people who originally registered as observers withdrew their participation at the first sign of controversy, in a customary display of dismal cowardice which has become simply reflexive with that industry.

The ironic part is that the accusation that FORCES is receiving funds from the tobacco industry (never happened, unfortunately!…) is made, let’s repeat it, by veritable whores of the pharmaceutical industry, who are paid off to lie to people about the dangers of smoking. As to commercial interests in the TICAP conference, there were none. Could the same be said of the EU Parliament antismoking conferences, held in the same conference rooms where we were supposed to be, and sponsored by Big Pharma to promote commercial smoking cessation trash products?

Just one glance at the TICAP conference program clearly demonstrates that the conference was about scientific frauds, economic damage by smoking bans, and civil liberties. Further, the only major sponsor of the conference, do note, was a hospital in Seattle!

It is abundantly clear that the "commercial" reasons used by the European Bureau under the orders of the Smokefree Partnership to cancel the TICAP conference are political in nature, and based on Tobacco Control’s slander and frauds. Probably to maximize the damage, the Ind-Dem Group was not notified of the cancellation of the conference (so that people would have come from all corners of the world for nothing), never mind allowing Ind-Dem or TICAP to counter the false information and libel by Smokefree Partnership, as would be the case in a system that is not under the control of fascist thugs!

The only reason why the conference has been suppressed is because it intended to unmask the prostitution of Tobacco Control advocates to pharmaceutcal entities and their devotion to scientific fraud and promotion of public hatred, to achieve the goals set by their masters. Truth induces lots and lots of fear, and we can understand that. Were Tobacco Controls’ scientific and ideologic frauds known to the masses at a planetary level, there would be lots of questions — and lots of years of jail for those who well deserve them. That kind of justice, and just punishment, is exactly what TICAP in general and FORCES in particular intend to achieve, so certainly we understand, the bastards are rightly scared to death of exposure and retribution. They are trying to defend themselves against the awful truth about themselves. They’re not going to get away with it though.

The antitobacco scum have not managed to stop the crucial public message, now taken over by "Thinking Is Forbidden". We shall keep you updated on these pages. The antismoking pharmaceutical cartel hoped to shut us up, but they shall never stop us from denouncing their frauds and abominable corruption — or from seeking their punishment.

See you in Brussels. Get on that plane now. We have a fuming message we’re going to blow right into their ugly, Nazi faces!



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