Last week the goose-stepping Minneapolis Star-Tribune printed an editorial stating that Attorney Mark Benjamin of the "Theatre Night" movement was atrociously out-of-step in interfering with the amusing humiliation and social eradication of persons who smoke.

We would add to Mister Benjamin’s reply (link at bottom this page) that "clean air and pink lungs" requires no more than normal adequate ventilation.

We futher emphasise that empowered fanatics have no desire whatsoever to "compromise." This is a fight not a chat.

If partial rollbacks to the ban can be achieved because Anti’s power becomes compromised, that’s fine, as a step on the road to ban repeal. There is no need or basis for smoking bans. They are egregious social division.

Benjamin is fighting on in Minnesota. Antitobacco and its minions will keep using the jackboot.

If the Minnesota freedom fighters learn to deal with that more good will come of their efforts.

This situation has already provided a spotlight on the egregiousness of smoker bans and those who promote them.



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