The economy is doing fine and unemployment is low yet Australians, suffering ennui due to the 12 years of conservative rule, voted decisively for change.

Change strictly for change’s sake has a depressing history what with the "perpetual revolution" of Communism and the bloody result of the French Revolution’s universal upheaval. Fortunately for Australians blood will not flow due to their embrace of a political party that was running pretty much on ill-defined promise to change priorities. Unfortunately the new order, as is so often the case with self-anointed progressives, promises to go after smokers right off the bat.

The new Rudd Labor Government will increase funding for something called the National Tobacco Strategy. That strategy, surprisingly identical to the World Health Organization’s strategy, will pretty much follow the strategy of the pharmaceutical industry to increase the sale of smoking cessation devices. Australia is already a hell hole for smokers so it will be highly entertaining to see just how nasty Labor can be in pursuing something that not one voter in a million listed as his reason to "vote for change."



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