The more “public health” gains power, the more it becomes clear why the medical class in Germany was well-represented in the Nazi Party.

In cases like this it is hard to generalize since generalization risks including doctors who are excellent and decent people, not prone to fanaticism. Most doctors are of that kind, which must be said before formulating the next consideration.

It is a fact, however, that the medical class, once it was given political power and empowered through bureaucracy, becomes a dangerous animal indeed. Let us take for example the latest idea of Nicola Roxon (stored copy), the fanatic who is currently minister of health of Australia. Please, listen to the arrogance of this individual:

“A smoker’s permit could be among the ‘innovative options’ employed to get Australians to quit. The permit, which smokers would have to buy annually and display every time they bought cigarettes, has been mooted in Britain. And Ms Roxon said Australians could face similar measures to cut the national smoking rate.”

As Michael Siegel points out (stored copy), “why restrict it just to smoking? There are all sorts of health-related behaviors for which people should be required to have a permit. First of all, people should have to hold a license to drink. … Second, if you need a license to fish, you definitely should need a license to become a parent … Third, you should need a license to buy red meat. … Licenses to purchase tater tots should also be required, but available only through a highly competitive lottery system. Fourth, a permitting system should be established for sunbathing.”

Obviously Siegel wants to point out the absurdity of the situation, but he leaves out the fact that Tobacco Control is involved in a specific hate campaign against smokers specifically, thus ALL and ANY means to force its victims to behave as it command is legitimate, moral, and should be used. That means – and this is very important to put through our heads once and for all – that we are now justified in using ALL and ANY means to stop Tobacco Control. Furthermore, there is no doubt that if the "licence" deal is allowed to become a precedent for smokers, other target categories of citizens will follow, and what Siegel points out as an exaggeration will become "normal".

Which brings us back to the medical class and its historical support of the Nazi Party. The Nazi party is gone, and times have changed – but not the attitude of the medical class, psychologically prone to totalitarianism. Its members have delusions of being some sort of gods, and they think that they have power over life and death; they seem to think that they are somehow a selected breed of people with some kind of superior wisdom or abilities, intellectual or otherwise. Thus they believe they are entitled to use any brutal means they see fit to achieve what they want. They don’t realize that they are simple mechanics of the body, deeply ignorant about the machine they try to fix, and that there are human endeavours that are more important than what they do. Their narcissism also demonstrates inclination to totalitarianism, but they don’t care about that because they consider totalitarianism in the name of “health” a good thing in the first place.

The Australian Tobacco Control is not the only example, of course. Look at the violence used by the British Medical Association, for instance, on the issue of smoking – and you can rest assure that quickly, the same violence will be unleashed on drinking, diet and so on. The medical class wants to rule your life and micromanage your behaviour because it has gained the power to do so. So that power is to be taken away with whatever means is necessary.

Don’t waste your time arguing with them. They despise debate, anyway: their mental architecture is autocratic and insecure – hence arrogance and prevarication. Why does Australian public health want to label smokers? Fear is the operating motive. Australian public health is afraid of its failure to reduce the number of smokers and frightened that its effort to do so is causing huge economic devastation.

Bullies think that they know better. Give them a bloody nose and they’ll respect you; be civilized with them, and they will squish you between their fingers. Go ahead, smoke right in their faces. That would be a good start.



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