Despite the fact that problems associated with alcohol are no worse than they have ever been since China started drinking some 5000 years ago, the modern healthist despots would have us believe that there is an "epidemic" of binge drinking and drink related problems that needs controlling. Here we see again the key word of modern politics – "CONTROL".
As with the anti smoking, anti obesity and anti every other frowned upon lifestyle choice the despots computers spew out copious amounts of statistical nonsense to justify that control. In the linked story we see:

"It is estimated alcohol abuse in England and Wales kills 40,000 people and costs the economy £55bn every year."

"The committee’s report estimated that a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol would save 3,000 deaths a year."

With different data to put in statistics could also be used to show that alcohol would save 40 000 lives from stress related illness and save the economy billions.

How they "estimate" that 50p would save 3000 is just as spurious; why not make it a pound and save 6000, or £2 and save 12000? In fact why not ban alcohol altogether and save 40 000 people?

We could all sit in a bar with a Jack Daniels patch on our arms.



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