The folks at are furious: “This is a classic example of criminalizing expression that happens to be distasteful to a certain population – appealing to the majority but ultimately unconstitutional.” We at FORCES are dedicated to freedom for all. The “progressives” are selective in their outrage. They are largely ardent supporters of smoking bans and the smoker pogrom in general but are simply appalled at laws, founded upon indecent exposure concerns, against the oversized attire favored by youth.

Such laws, say the Antis, create harassment of good people, waste the time of policemen, ruthlessly target worthy citizens: particularly urban poor and blacks, and deny personal choice, forcing convention over self-determination. Freedom-loving American citizens, and their established normal behaviors, should not be “criminalized-for-no-good-reason”!

Unless of course the de facto eugenicists at change,.org (the philosophy and statistical techniques of the original eugenicists being the foundation of "lifestyle epidemiology" and contemporary anti-smoking) want certain health heretics criminalized, or rather, subjected to a Final Solution.

This baggy pants outrage is surely a sick joke coming from these hypocrites. If fashion police are harassing people for no good reason that should stop. The smoke police should have been stopped in their tracks a long time ago.

The "stored" link here includes the Newsletter introduction to Matt Kelley’s baggy pants blog.



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