Columnist Søren Højbjerg reports on the – should we say usual? – devastating economic repercussions of the Danish smoking ban.

Thirty percent business loss. Discomfort and inconvenience. No increase of business (yet another of the endless blatant – and punctually disproved – lies of the antismoking industry of fraud). But – you guessed it – even in this case the fault is of the smokers! Why? Because of the heat lamps that are installed outside of the locales, to "protect" the "innocent non smokers" from the non-existing "harmful effects" of passive smoking. In reality, it is smoking bans and fraud-based antitobacco that cause the extra energy consumption and business loss. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the damages are exclusively the fault of the antismoking fraud.

The irrational (and politically convenient) reversing of fault onto the victim is typical of all criminal regimes of the past, and it is nothing new. On the lighter side, this absurd reversal is made great fun of in this Hairy Chestnuts satire . We recommend that you watch while you smoke your next cigarette.



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