The Smokers Club, Inc. International maintains a "Ban Loss" page which tells a very different story from the one which is usually broadcast on the favored media channels.

It is extremely important that we hear, in their own words, the losses which have occurred due to smoking bans. This Ban Loss page tells only part of the story but the picture grows with each passing day. By no means does this list come close in listing all those damaged by smoking bans. Most small business owners suffer in silence, never realizing that millions of others are in the same boat.

The people who have been put out of business will never re-coup their losses, and will likely never have the means to go into business again for themselves. The people these businesses employed have had to search other avenues of employment.

It is an ugly canvass being painted here. When small businesses are forced to close, then the large chain restaurants have a monopoly and these monopolies are dictated by "corporate decisions", which means that an employee of a chain restaurant has no say in what is being handed down from the invisible "top structure". When a small business makes decisions, often the employees are included in the decisions.

There is no question that smoking bans destroy small businesses.



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