The dementia inspiring bans has hit on bottled water. This piece from the National Post (Canada) speaks about the latest paranoia about health and environment, long ago promoted by the healthists (very much like light cigarettes) and then demonized by the healthists (light cigarettes “kill” just the same). In both cases, the tobacco industry and consumers suffer, not the perpetrators.

As it is for smoking and a thousand other issues by now, the crusade against the targets — based on trash science on health and environment — becomes moral:

“British Environment Minister Phil Woolas has recently insisted that drinking bottled water is ‘morally unacceptable.’ Giles Coren, restaurant critic for The Times of London, calls bottled water "hell in a handcart" because of its ‘billions of unnecessary food miles, non-biodegradable waste [and] millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases.’ He even insisted that ‘drinkers of bottled water are the new smokers,’ and should be similarly socially vilified.”

Mr. Cohen and his ilk should be socially vilified for using fraud, hysteria and hatred to satisfy their sick craving for attention and power. If those entities need somebody to hate, they should turn against their parents for having them made so dumb.

Back to the water issue, more trash “science” competing with the junk science anti-water ideology (stored article).

“A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. The study’s limitations make more research necessary” (of course!). The causality is not established, equally of course: “The policy implications of the new findings are unclear, said Molly Kile, an environmental health research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health. Kile wrote an accompanying editorial in the journal.‘Urinary arsenic reflects exposures from all routes — air, water and food — which makes it difficult to track the actual source of arsenic exposure let alone use the results from this study to establish drinking water standards,’ Kile said.”

Would you prefer to kill yourself with diabetes and tap water as the epidemiologists say, or would you prefer to kill the planet with greenhouse gases as the environmentalists say? Take your pick, junk science works both ways – but careful of the consequences: both are in the name of “health” and the ideology is equally fanatical – thus they will both call you an immoral bastard.

You will be damned no matter what you do — so screw them all and enjoy your water whichever way you like it. In the meantime, if a healthist/environmentalist busybody comes knocking at your door, tell him to go junk in a lake.

That may be bad for his health, but at least he will be silent — and that is good for your health.



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