In the name of the greatest epidemiological scam history has ever know, news of the economic devastation antismoking fanaticism causes pours in from all over the world. “The state’s crippling smoking bans have cost the State Government about $55 million in gambling taxes, with the Government underestimating the impact of anti-smoking laws.”

“The latest NSW Budget shows the Government believes the pubs and clubs industry could take more than four years to recover, despite initial predictions that the industry would pick up in 12 to 18 months.”

The predictions are wrong, of course, no matter what “recovery time” they indicate. Smokers want to smoke. Smokers do the right thing by not patronizing non-smoking venues. Smokers don’t go where smoking is forbidden. If smokers keep this up, smoking prohibition will be put on its knees by economics just like the alcohol prohibition of 90 years ago, despite of any compensating, artificial mechanism the antismoking bastards concoct next.

So economic devastation is everywhere in the world. But what are a few billion dollars, a few million ruined families, next to “saving” those “lives” the death of one can’t even be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking?…

We have the answer to that in the form of a question: what is all that destruction next to the pharmaceutical multinationals’ interests in the sales of smoking cessation and antidepressants all over the world?

Peanuts indeed, certainly worthy of a few payolas here and there to spread the hatred and the fraud.



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