Chalk up an anti-ban victory for an outdoor festival celebrating the favored weed of the long-haired and barefoot. Others need not attend.

Naturally, when law conflicts with a right of the Master Race, well then law must bow to their Divine Right. In Santa Cruz, California, you cannot smoke in a public park. Not unless you support the "Wo/Men’s" Alliance for Medical Marijuana. The recently enacted smoking ban would certainly have put a wet rag on their annual public smoking festival. So WAMM stormed right in to City Hall and said so. Suddenly the outdoor ban looked downright pesky to the City Council that dictated it last year.

Of course WAMM’s happy now, the ban has been lifted, just for their special afternoon. No longer than that, and don’t worry, the smoke surely won’t kill any innocent passers-by. You see, the smokes and exudations and habits of WAMM supporters, like those of all Master Race members, never kill. Not theirs. Only ours. The Master Race can cook, drive, drink and smoke, Hell, they can do it all and all at once if they damn please, when and where they please, of course, why not, it’s a free country, ain’t it? For them. Just not for us. Naturally. Don’t complain. Don’t get uppity.



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