The Romans used to say “asinus asinum fricat” (the jackass talks back to the jackass) to indicate the hypocrisy of those who badmouth shortcomings in others that they themselves have. That sure seems to be the case of this BBC report done on BBC itself. We read:

“The BBC is institutionally biased, an official report will conclude this week. The year-long investigation, commissioned by the BBC, has found the corporation particularly partial in its treatment of single-issue politics such as climate change, poverty, race and religion. It concludes that the bias has extended across drama, comedy and entertainment, with the corporation pandering to politically motivated celebrities and trendy causes.”

Indeed, we could not agree more. The report goes on mentioning a few examples, from poverty to conventional politics to show biz.

But what is astutely left out is what matters a lot. What about representing ONLY the “public health” side of the antismoking fraud, for example? What about giving credibility to fraudulent figures on the “obesity” epidemic? What about completely ignoring activities and evidence against Pharma-public health? To say nothing of silencing the opposition of those citizens who smoke, drink and are fat, do not feel guilty about that and fight back. The BBC seems to subscribe to the fascist ideology that anything concerning "public health" institutions and diktats is above all comment or debate. Wrong, BBC. A large chunk of the people does not want to conform to that and it will not, and your duty is to report that too, not just be an instrument of regime propaganda.

The BBC has been formally contacted and informed of the false information spread by the National Health System against smoking and smokers, including the (junk) science on passive smoking. The BBC has been made aware that it is disseminating hatred against smokers – to the point that NHS antismoking commercials have been forbidden by the Advertising Authority. So the BBC is AWARE of the institutional problem going on in England and in the world – a problem so dangerous and serious that it threatens the freedom of all and undermines the credibility of the state at the foundations. Yet, BBC (like other mass media in the world) ignores the message thus absolutely denies the existence of this problem. Instead it consciously cooperates with the institutional fraud by representing the “public health” con work on smoking and other lifestyles as the only credible and respectable source of information. It also (quite rarely) represents opposition as biased, weak or irrelevant.

All that – of course – is not mentioned in the biased BBC report on the bias itself. Nevertheless, BBC dear, a criminal is not just he breaks into an apartment, but also (and especially) who holds his ladder. Start acknowledging that “public health” is dishonest and then we can begin to believe you again, although just a little bit.

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