As has happened in England, the chickens are already coming home to roost in France. This piece from Eursoc explains to us how.
As predictable as sunrise, businesses are hurting:

“To begin with, the non-smokers (a majority) were overjoyed with the prohibition. Now when they go to their favourite haunt they find there is almost nobody there. Your best bet if you want to savour what is left of the old ambiance is: Le Nazir, 56, rue des Abbesses, Montmartre. The management and customers flout the law with panache.”

Disobedience is important for the fight against social engineering – to make it impossible for antitobacco to enforce and maintain prohibition. Education on the epidemiological fraud is equally important for restoring integrity in institutions. Otherwise, economy, and decent society, will lose to the agenda of corrupt public health authorities. We shall not let that happen.



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