A beautiful lady, Hilda Newson, celebrates her 109th birthday. She enjoys fruit juice. Health cultists may applaud. However, and typically for an oldster, she also tells us she chain-smoked until the age of 85. Health cultists may be damned.
Do smokers live longer than non-smokers? A whole lot of them do. Note, for instance, the frequent plaints from administrators of old age homes and war veterans’ clubs about the disgrace of smoking bans upon their heavily smoking clientèle. According to anti-smokers, Hitler (born just nine years before Hilda) must have outlived any smokers of the WW II era, but that’s according to anti-smokers, who may just be crazy enough to believe their own Big Lies.

The health cultists simply and constitutionally cannot take notice of how many smokers live to be very old. The concept of moderation, particularly with regard to thinking, escapes them. Balance in one’s mind and habits promotes peaceful well-being in an individual. That’s healthy. Hysteria is not. Balanced enjoyment of tobacco, of good food, of liquor, do not "kill." Abstinence does not confer immortality nor even any guarantee of longevity.

Our old folks today are the heaviest consumers of cigarettes, and the longest-lived generation, in human history. You could tell anti-smoking fanatics to put that in their pipes and smoke it. That would do them a lot of good, but they will not hear you for chanting their mantra, "Secondhand smoke kills." Look around you. Use your common sense. Believe in yourself. You are the only true judge of your own health.

To have an idea of how much smoking "kills", click here.



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